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Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t they all the same?

While some LED products we sell may look the same as others on the market, not all LED products and retailers are the same.  Some LED products being sold in and to Australia is not to the same standard of high quality that LED Glow Illumination supplies.  We have seen some of these inferior products that include; floating balls that have sunk in water causing water damage to the unprotected internal LED components, cubes that are uneven and other products that have warped, discoloured and melted in our sun to the extremely unsafe products that have caught fire. Before you invest in LED lighting products, ask about the following:  

Are the products safe to use? 

LED Glow Illumination products are completely safe to use.  We perform many quality checks throughout the supply process including right here in Australia using qualified independent electronic engineers. See more about our quality control systems here.

Are they a quality product?

LED Glow Illumination takes pride in the high quality of our products.  We will never supply defective inferior products that fail after the first use.  See more about our quality control systems here.

Are they certified and made to Australian Standards and conditions?

LED Glow Illumination outdoor products are manufactured to withstand Australian conditions with a unique UV protection formula within the PE material to protect the products from our harsh sun to prevent cracking and fading.  We also include a free Glow cleaning and protection kit with our products so that they can remain in pristine condition.

The internal LED Electronic components have been designed in Australia by independent electronic engineers and then thoroughly tested during the manufacturing process, before they leave the factory and again before they are supplied to our customers.  The LED units and the powered chargers are also certified under CE and EU RoHS that meets Australian Standards.

What’s included in the price?

With LED Glow Illumination products, everything you need to easily operate your product is included.  This includes basics like the charger, remote, easy to understand instruction manuals and a protective cleaning kit, so that your Glow product will always look its best. 
It’s hard to believe that some retailers offer these as optional extras at an additional cost.

What is the warranty?

LED Glow Illumination is proudly Australian owned, based and operated and we act with integrity at all times.  We believe in providing outstanding customer service which includes not only fulfilling our requirements under the consumer laws of Australia, but surpassing them.  We fully back all the new products we sell with a 12-month peace of mind warranty that means exactly that, peace.  With all of our quality control procedures in place, we don’t expect that our customers will have any issues with their Glow product, but if there is an issue, we don’t expect our customers to be inconvenienced by having to run around to different suppliers to get a product repaired that you’ve paid good money for.  Glow products are our products.  If there is ever a problem, we fix it.  We will arrange for the product to be either conveniently repaired onsite or picked up and delivered back once it’s repaired.

Purchasing inferior products online from overseas websites or auction sites may save you a few dollars upfront, but many of these companies do not provide the after sales care and support that cheaply made products need.  They can bypass your rights as a consumer by ignoring Australian consumer laws or simply shutting up shop and disappearing.

As a last note of advice on purchasing LED products or any products, remember these sayings that we have all heard before:

“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”


“The bitter taste of poor quality remains much longer than the sweet taste of a low price.”

For more information about the quality of Glow products click here. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Glow Products

How long will my Glow product take to charge?

This will take approximately 3 – 5 hours to fully charge, Although it is best to recharge each time for a period of 12 hours. See the information on battery care on the Glow Website for ways to get the most out of your Glow product battery.

How long will my Glow LED lighting product last once charged?

The amount of time your Glow product will last on rechargeable batteries will vary depending on the setting you select.  Most Glow products will last from 8 to 12 hours or more. 

When LED lighting products are used with ice what happens when the ice melts?

Some of the Glow flower pots feature drainage that allows water to drain down to the base and escape. For other Glow products that you can use to store drinks in ice, you will have to manually empty the water.

How do I use a Glow plant pot for a plant and as an ice bucket?

You can’t at the same time, but if you keep your plant in another plastic pot, you will be able remove the plant, clean and then fill with ice.

How do I clean my Glow product?

Because Glow products are made of easy clean PE, you will be able to clean them with the Glow cleaning and protection pack or a damp cloth.  Never submerse the product in water or place LED lighting or any part of the Glow products in a dishwasher.

Can Glow products be used underwater?

No.  Glow products should never be submerged in any liquids including water or hosed down.  As they are an electrical product, liquids will damage the products internal electrics. The only Glow products that can be operated in water are the products in the Waterproof range including the Glow Spheres. 

Can they be recharged outside?

No.  Inside is the best location for recharging, as there is less chance of liquids or moisture damaging the product.

Are the products okay to be left outside in the sun?

This depends on each Glow product.  Some models can not be used outside, but most can.  The PE material most are constructed from include UV protection, but like all products left outside, over time it may discolour.  To get the most out of your Glow product, it is recommended that Glow products are not left outside without cover for long periods of time and that they are regularly cleaned using the Glow cleaning and protection pack, as this cleaning solution also contains UV protection.

Can they be left outside in the rain?

This depends on each Glow product.  Some models can not be used outside, but most can.  The PE material most are constructed from are resistant to water. The only part of the product that rain may damage is the area where the power adapter plugs in.  It is extremely important to make sure that the rubber plug is correctly plugged in to this area whenever the power adapter is not plugged in. It is also recommended that you do not recharge outside and never around water of moisture.

What do I do if my Glow product stops working?

Please contact us at here and we will assist you with the trying to fix the issue.  If the product is still under warranty, we will arrange for repair, replacement or refund.  If the product is out of warranty, we can arrange for repair at an additional cost if a repair is available.