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Glow Quality - Quality to assure you

At Glow the quality of our products is a high priority. We know that bad quality products not only disappoints our customers, it can also be unsafe. We remind customers every day of the possible dangers in buying products that look similar to ours, but are very different inside and out.

LED Glow Illumination outdoor products are manufactured to withstand Australian conditions with a unique UV protection formula within the PE material to protect the products from our harsh sun to prevent cracking and fading. We also include a free Glow cleaning and protection kit with our new products* so that they can remain in pristine condition.

The internal LED Electronic components have been designed in Australia by independent electronic engineers and then thoroughly tested during the manufacturing process, before they leave the factory and again before they are supplied to our customers. The LED units and the powered chargers are also certified under CE and EU RoHS that meets Australian Standards.

Beware of cheaper products that are not rated for use in pools. Glow Illuminated LED Sphere Balls are rated IP68, meaning they are waterproof and made for floating in pools. Anything less is not a waterproof product.

The LED Glow Illumination factory facility has:

  • A strong and strict Quality Control System with a team of 26 staff members
  • Quality Management Systems that establish appropriate product and procedure quality control
  • Quality control training held every week to train all the staff in the importance of quality
  • Reporting systems in place to ensure all workers & supervisors are familiar with the quality policies and objectives
  • 100% complete inspection and testing from raw material to semi parts during the production by quality controllers. This is followed by the AQA team conducting inspections after the products are finished to make sure that all are in perfect condition
  • A documented customer complaint system and documented recall program
  • Factory QC teams that are independent from the production division
  • Production management and QC teams working together in solving and quality issues or concerns
  • The systems and procedures in place to control the risk of physical, chemical and biological contamination that protects the staff, environment and products from possible damage
  • Factory risk audits conducted to identify hazards from chemicals, raw materials, process equipment’s and tools


Factory Laboratory Testing

Product IP waterproof testing

LED unit testing


Our advice on purchasing LED products or any products is to remember:

“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”


“The bitter taste of poor quality remains much longer than the sweet taste of a low price.”

To assist you with purchasing new LED products we have designed a buyers guide checklist.  If you are shopping around, we highly recommend that you use this guide to help you with your purchasing decision. 

* Included with each new retail product. Not included with NQR products, commercial, bulk or reseller orders.