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Strip Lighting

Widely used for home, hotels, clubs, retail shops, events and exhibitions, stairway lighting, kitchen cabinets and under bench tops, teenage bedrooms, theatres, aircraft cabin mood lighting or whatever and wherever indoors you would like to place strip lights from Glow.

All Kits are ready to use with simple plug and play installation technology. Each kit now includes; RGB LED strip lighting with 3M backing tape, a remote control, the power adaptor and remote-control receiver. Nothing else or any wiring is required.

Ultimate customised model:
16 colours with 6 DIY keys - 44 keys infrared controller, which has 6 DIY keys for memorizing the colours that you prefer.

Well-distributed lighting:
LED components are uniformly lined up. No flickering and dead lights in the strip even after a long time.

The LED strip can be cut along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest of the strip.

Flexible operations:
The slim, compact and flexible strip can be mounted end-to-end for bendable or angled patterns, or in a continuous row.

Safe to use
The working voltage is 12V with extremely low heat and is safe to touch.

44 key remote control
Type - 44 Key Remote Controller
Colour - 16 Colours
Control distance - 8m
8 Light Pattern - Quick / Slow / Auto / Flash / 7 colour fade change / 3 colour fade change / 7 colour jumpy change / 3 colour jumpy change R / G / B increase and decrease control

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