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Glow LED Pillar Light|Glow Illuminated LED Pillar Light Enlarge
  • Glow LED Pillar Light|Glow Illuminated LED Pillar Light
  • Glow LED Pillar Light|Glow Illuminated LED Pillar Light
  • Glow LED Pillar Light|Glow Illuminated LED Pillar Light
  • Glow LED Pillar Light|Glow Illuminated LED Pillar Light all sizes
  • Glow LED Pillar Light|Glow Illuminated LED Pillar Light all sizes
  • Glow LED Pillar Light|Glow Illuminated LED Pillar Light all sizes
  • Glow LED Pillar Light|Glow Illuminated LED Pillar Light all sizes
  • Glow LED Pillar Light|Glow Illuminated LED Pillar Light all sizes

Glow Pillar Tower Lights - 70cm



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Now less than half price!

The Glow Illuminated Tower Pillar Lights make the perfect accessory to your outdoor entertaining by providing atmosphere with LED lighting that also Glows up the night.  They are also perfect for branding and using for promotions or as features within a funky office.  Suitable for any area inside and out and because they're lightweight they can move wherever you need them to.

This new Glow product operates with easy charging technology.  Once changed they can be moved anywhere you need them such as out on the deck, by the pool or spa, on the lawn, on the beach or at an entrance to any establishment.  The choice is yours.

With the included infrared remote control, you decide how your Glow Pillar will operate. Change the colour (red, blue, green, yellow, white, pink or purple) or transition the colours to change automatically like a lava lamp.  You can also make the colours change speed and control the brightness of the light.  Or maybe you want to use the candle flicker mode that projects the colours of a flickering candle.






Diameter: 30cm
Height: 70cm

Technical Information:

  • 7.5V Australian Standards Charger
  • Remote Control Operation with 8 different colour selection choices
  • 8+ hours operation time (Operation time will vary depending on unit setting)
What's Included:

Free Delivery Australia Wide

Included in the box is:

  • Glow Product
  • Charger
  • Remote Control
  • Instruction Manual
  • Glow Cleaning and Protection Kit




Made of Polyethylene (PE)


This Glow product is made of Polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is a popular material as it offers significant benefits compared to alternative materials. Some of the benefits of polyethylene include; Low Maintenance, Long Lifetime, lightweight but strong and durable.


LED Inside


This Glow product features light-emitting diodes (LED). LED lighting technology is more light and energy efficient than other forms of light technology and will last much longer saving you money.


Colour Change


This Glow Product has a colour change LED unit inside the product. This gives you the ability to change the colour to suit your mood or function. Pink for Valentines Day, Green for St Patrick's Day or Red for Christmas, just to name a few.  Colours include; red, blue, green, yellow, white, purple and more.


LED Glow Warranty


This Glow product is backed by a back to base warranty with complete cover of the product.  The standard Glow warranty period is for 12 months from the date of purchase.  For Glow NQR products, the warranty is for a 6-month period from the date of purchase.


Indoor or Outdoor Use


This Glow product can be used inside or outside your house. This provides you with flexibility and many different uses all year round.


Waterproof LED


This Glow Product is classed as waterproof under Ingress Protection Rating (IP) 54. Meaning they have protection from dust entering in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the product; complete protection against contact with the LED unit and water splashing against the product from any direction shall have no harmful effect.  This means they are perfect for inside and outside use in all weather situations.


UV Protected LED



This Glow product contains a unique Ultraviolet (UV) protection formula inside the PE material that can help resist environmental conditions in Australia that can be damaging to plastics. Materials that are not UV stable will change both in appearance and molecular structure when exposed to UV and over time could become brittle, crack, change colour and warp. Glow products are designed to resist this damage and with the included Glow protection and cleaning kit you'll be able to keep you Glow product clean and looking pristine for even longer. 


Remote Control Operated


This Glow Product is operated by an infrared remote control that is included with the product.  This gives you complete control of your Glow product from up to 10 metres away. With the remote you can turn it on and off, change the colour and more.


Battery Operated


This Glow Product runs on a rechargeable battery. Once fully charged to the directions supplied with the product, your Glow product will operate for 8+ hours of wireless operation.  The operation time will be dependent on the mode of operation selected.


Cordless Operation


This Glow product can operate without any cords or wires (except when charging). This makes it safer to use around groups of people with no wires to trip on. It also gives you the flexibility to move the product around without having to unplug or using the product where there is no power supply.